Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disney World 2012 - The Big Reveal and Day 1

We took Clayton and Drew to Disney World a few weeks ago! Man, oh man, did we ever have a good time! We started planning back in January. Wade was going to a conference in Orlando, so we discussed going early and taking the boys to Disney World. It just felt like the perfect scenario - Wade's airfare was paid for, we used hotel points and airline miles, Clayton was out of school for Spring Break... We just couldn't pass it up!

The only problem was that we knew it would be too much for our little Owen. We knew that he would be into crawling and exploring and would not be interested in sitting in his stroller all day long. I think that 5 days of playing nonstop would have been too much, even for our little dream of a baby. So... we decided to leave him with Grammie & Papaw. It broke my heart to think of not being able to see him for 5 whole days. I was literally sick about it. But, Clayton and Drew have sacrificed a lot of time with me over the last 10 months. They have entertained themselves for hours and hours and hours while I was nursing Owen or taking care of him. I wanted them to have a few days of big kid fun. I was seriously torn, though, and even thought about scrapping the whole trip at one point. However, it was a good decision for our family. We had a ball with our big boys and Owen had a ton of fun with his Grammie & Papaw. It just worked for us. :)

We held off on telling the boys about the trip until the day before we left. We set up the video camera and gave them a bunch of Disney stuff. As they were opening their gifts, we shouted, "We're going to Disney World!!!" Their reaction was priceless! They were hollering and dancing around - so excited about our trip. It was pretty cute. :)

We took our sweet babe to East Texas and spent the night with Grammie & Papaw, then we left from their house to go to the airport the next morning. While we were in line to get onto the plane, one of the gate agents asked Drew if he wanted to go in the cockpit. Yes, please!

He got to sit in the co-pilot's seat and push some of the buttons. The pilot was awesome & patiently explained many of the controls. Drew was on cloud 9! His sweet little face with that big huge grin is etched in my memory forever.

The flight to Orlando was awesome! (The flight home was far from awesome... but that is a story for another day.) We got to sit in first class and the boys did awesome! They were happy and quiet for the whole flight. I was so proud of them!

We landed in Orlando, got our bags, the shuttle let us make a quick grocery store stop, and then we checked into our hotel. We swam for a little bit and then we went to Downtown Disney for dinner. Drew fell asleep on the shuttle. Bless his heart.

His head started to get heavy, so Wade let him rest in his hands. One second he was awake and smiling...
the next he was fast asleep. ;)

We looked in the shops, explored Downtown Disney, and then had diner at the T-Rex restaurant. Between the Lego store and the dinosaur themed restaurant, my boys were loving life. :)

We had to rest up, though, because the next day we were headed to Epcot. :)