Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we went out to East Texas to spend Thanksgiving with Wade's parents. We had a lovely time! Wade's parent were gracious hosts, as usual. We got to rest and relax and just enjoy the company. It was wonderful!

My little turkey starting sitting up independently. I decided to try him out and he just sat straight up like he had been doing it for months. I started squealing, "Look at him! Look at him! Look at him!" I wanted to make sure that Wade and his parents didn't miss the impromptu milestone. :)

There were some Weeble-Wobble moments, too, of course.
Cute little turkey booty.
Such a happy little fella!
There was lots of grandparent and great-grandparent time for the boys! All 3 of the great grandparents were able to join us for our Thanksgiving meal. Such a blessing!

Wade and his dad got to play some golf as well. Clayton and I joined Wade for a few practice holes. :)

Clayton drove the golf cart. Oh my lands - it was a crazy ride! I told Wade that he was going to have to teach him to drive a car. I already know that my nerves can't handle that! ;)

The deer just hang out right on the green. They add to the ambiance, for sure.
Clayton got a little putting lesson from his Daddy.
Papaw and Drew - what a pair they are!

O in his turkey shirt. :)

As a Thanksgiving treat, Owen got to have his first baby food (besides cereal, that is). He had peas, and he LOVED them. He opened his mouth big for each bite.
Wade's sister and her family joined us for the last day. It was so much fun to all be together! I didn't get any pictures of Leigh and the girls, but I did manage to get a cute one of O with Uncle Corey. They were watching Pawn Stars together. Ha!
We have a million things to be thankful for this year! We are grateful to serve a Risen Savior who blesses us abundantly. What a wonderful time of year to stop and truly give thanks for all that He has done!


MS Sha said...

My grand- babies aren't babies any more. I couldn't help but get misty eyed when I saw how much they had grown. Thank you for such womnderful photos on your blog.