Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Nativity 2011

We have a really sweet family that lives behind us - our behind-the-fence neighbors, as we call each other. ;) They have two little girls that my boys adore, and Wade & I really like hanging out with their parents, Jennifer and Jason. Over the last year we have gotten to be pretty good friends. We pass kids over the fence back and forth to play in the backyard together and have gotten together for dinner several times. Unfortunately, our friends are moving to Oklahoma. So sad! :(

We got together on Saturday night for one last dinner. We brought the stuff for the kids to assemble our annual gingerbread nativities. The kids got really into it, and their creations came out super cute.

This little reindeer and I teamed up to make a joint nativity. One of us crafted candy into a nativity and the other ate WAYYYY too many gumdrops. I'll let you figure out who did what. Ha!
Jason and Maddie both have beautiful voices and Jason plays the guitar. They gave us a preview of a duet that they were going to perform in church the next morning. It was so sweet - I got goosebumps.
Miss Briley is too funny! She and Clayton are good buddies.
Maddie is the little mother. She is so kind to Drew and Owen. Drew LOVES "Addie." :)

Drew was wound up on a major sugar high by this point. ;) He said, "Mommy, we need a whew-whew. You know 'dat thing that moves all of the cars when there is a fire. A si-earn. 'Dats it. A si-earn." So our stable had an orange siren on top. Ha!
Clayton was less than thrilled with his creation. The table kept shaking, and Clayton's stable suffered repeated earthquakes. ;)

What a cute crew of kids!
What a fun memory to make with our sweet friends!