Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas at the Gaylord

Right before Thanksgiving, we got an email about the Gaylord having rooms for $109 a night during the week between Christmas and New Years. My sister-in-law got the same email and suggested that we all (us, them, and Wade's parents) get rooms for Christmas night. We thought it was a great idea! Then Grammie & Papaw sweetened the deal by getting us all tickets for ICE and SNOW for the morning of the 26th as part of our Christmas gifts. It was a fun time with the Carpenter side of the family.

Getting a picture of 3 kids looking a smiling is hard - getting a picture of 5 kids looking and smiling is impossible. Ha!

This little gem of a baby could have made the whole experience very difficult, but he did soooo well! He was happy and sweet the entire time. I don't think he ever fussed even once during the 24 hours that we were there. He is the best!
He slept wonderfully in the institutional looking iron crib. There were no bumpers, so I was worried that he would bump his head in the night. But, he slept like a baby - literally and figuratively!
We woke up and it was time for ICE! This year's theme was Shrek the Halls. Wade and I had been the year that the theme was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but the boys had never been. It still amazes me what they can create out of colored ice!
Grammie & Papaw looked so cute in their parkas.
I remember being at ICE during the Grinch with Wade and some of our best friends. Wade and I commented to each other that people were crazy to bring babies and kids to the exhibit. It's way too cold for babies and kids would be a nightmare when everyone is dressed exactly the same. Fast forward to this year - we were those crazy people! I've had to eat my words hundreds of times since we had kids. This was just another example of that. ;)

The kids did great! Clayton stayed with Morgan & Makinley. Between Papaw, Grammie, Leigh Ann, and Wade, Drew was in great hands. And Owen was warm and toasty inside my parka. I put him in the Baby Bjorn and snapped my parka around him. His little noggin was the only thing that was exposed to the 9 degree cold. I felt like a kangaroo, but my little joey was pretty darn cute. Ha!

Drew loved the slide inside ICE. He went down it several times.
This picture of my brother-in-law is so funny to me! He is such a character! Nothing but love for ya, Corey!
Our little eskimo crew of 11. :)
By this point, Drew was D-O-N-E done. He was cold - bless his heart. Posing for a picture wasn't happening. Oh well...

When the parkas came off and the snow tubes came out - Drew was in heaven. We all loved tubing down the hills of SNOW. It was super fun!

Two Thumbs Up!
Drew and Aunt Leigh Ann
What a fun memory from Christmas 2011!