Friday, December 30, 2011

Bungees, Carousels, and Hamster Balls Oh My!

On the Wednesday before Christmas, Leah and I took our kiddos to Grapevine Mills for a day o' friend fun. :) We started out with the bungee bouncing contraption that Clayton had done before. He went first and bounced his little heart out. He was in his element! Drew went next and he was MUCH more apprehensive. I think the initial shock scared him a little bit. ;) However, he pulled it together and worked his way up to where he was bouncing pretty high. He kept saying, "I'm Superman! I'm Superman!" Ha!

Mags was funny doing her "cheerleader moves." So funny.... She really was so graceful up there doing these little pirouette-like motions with her feet - pointed toes and everything. I think that she may have a future with Cirque de Soliel! If she does, I hope that she remembers where her passion all started - right in the middle of Grapevine Mills Mall. ;)

After a quick lunch in the food court, we made a stop at the carousel. It was Owen's first carousel ride - insert mini-milestone here. :) He loved it, and sat calmly taking in all of the lights.

As a grand finale, the kids got in these huge bubble things that the workers blew up with a huge compressor and hose. It was like a human hamster ball - hysterical! They ran and bounced into each other and worked off some serious calories. Towards the end, both Clayton and Drew just laid down inside their ball. I encouraged them to get back up - Mama didn't pay $10 for 5 minutes just for them to take a cat nap! Ha!

It was a super fun day for all! My crew (all 3 of my man cubs!) were asleep before we could get out of the parking lot. That's the sure sign of a great day!