Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

After a lovely morning of taking turns going to the doctor, our Christmas Eve took a turn for the best! We went to our church's Christmas Eve service. We went to the service that is specifically for families with small children. There were the precious noises of babies and toddlers intermixed with beautiful music. It was perfect for the season of life that we are in! :)

Our Children's Minister had asked Wade if he would play the role of a shepherd during the service. Wade is a good sport and agreed, of course. He was still sick as a dog, but he did a wonderful job. He answered all of the inverview questions that Mr. Jim asked about the night that Jesus was born. He was the best shepherd that I have ever seen. ;)
I love the way that our sanctuary looks all lit up by candlelight as we sing "Silent Night."

The boys thought it was fun having a shepherd for a Daddy. :)

The Three Muskateers
Me and my littlest fella
Owen had on the sweetest little Christmas bubble. I had to squeeze in a mini-photo shoot. Leah had told me that May babies are at the perfect age for good pictures when Christmas rolls around. She was right! Owen can sit up so well, but can't scoot yet. I got some sweet pictures of him this Christmas. :)

When Wade got home, the boys got to open their Christmas jammies and put them on. We read Luke 2 and then 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Such a sweet time... We set out cookies for Santa and sprinkled reindeer food. Then it was time for a long winter's nap...I had to include this real life outtake. This is typical of life these days - Clayton trying to cross his eyes, Owen eating Drew's foot, and Drew laughing his head off. I have about 145 pictures that are similar to this one. Ha!

There was much more fun to come...