Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Best

Thank you all so much for your input on school options for next year! We truly do value all of your opinions and appreciate the wisdom that you have added. I feel like Wade & I are both leaning towards public school as of now. There have just been so many "God arrows" that seem to be pointing us in that direction. We are, of course, still exploring our options and praying about what is best for Clayton, though.

I am actually reading a book called Going Public right now. While I don't agree with all of the book, there is a lot of good information. It is written by Christian parents who have 8 children. They felt called to educate their children in public schools. At one point, they are discussing the fact that people automatically assume that, since they have such a large family, they homeschool their children. Kelli (the mom) responds with, "Yes! We definitely homeschool our children... and starting at age five, we also send them to public school to get more information." I think that is a great way to look at it! We plan to take full advantage of every teachable moment outside of school and to ground our children in our faith at home.

I realized on Sunday that it had been {GASP!} a full week since I had taken a single picture. Since the natives (a.k.a. the grandparents and great grandparents) get restless after a week of no pictures, I decided to remedy that! :) Here are a few pictures of the boys in their Sunday best before church.


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

I LOVE argyle sweater vests on little boys!!! Seriously, my favorite!!!

Holly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the argyle and the color combo! They are soooo handsome!

Anonymous said...

What a pair of cutie pies! I don't know of any eyes that are bluer???

Love them to pieces!

Hannah said...

O mi gosh! SO cute!

halie said...

Handsome boys!!! Give them big hugs for me!!