Saturday, January 02, 2010

Conversations with Clayton

Clayton and I had read the story of Abraham in his Children's Bible one morning. At lunch, Clayton was telling Wade about the story. Wade taught him the Father Abraham song (remember that one?). We all did the motions and Clayton thought it was great fun.

Well, after lunch Wade took Clayton up to his room for a rest. He said that he stood at the door listening to him talk to his stuffed animals for a little while. He was talking about Abraham and singing Father Abraham song to them. All of the sudden, he said to himself (as if he had had a great epiphany), "Hey! Father Abraham is Abraham Lincoln!!!"
Wade was telling Clayton the Christmas story one night before bed. Wade told him that Jesus' father was a carpenter. Clayton stopped him mid-sentence and said, "So, Jesus was a Carpenter like us?!?!?"
Clayton has been getting into trouble lately for being too rough with Drew. Yes, I know that they are brothers and that wrestling in the floor is just going to be the way of life around our house. But, tackling our 1 year old and knocking him to the ground seems a little extreme.

Anyway, one afternoon we were driving in the car and I heard Clayton say, "I just love Drew soooo much!" I looked back and they were holding hands. It was a sweet moment.

I thought this would be a good teaching moment to point out that we should be kind to our loved ones. So, I asked Clayton, "If you love Drew so much, why were you so rough with him this morning." He thought for a minute and then answered very matter-of-factly, "Well, Mommy, we all sin sometimes."
Drew loves to knock block towers over. It is one of his greatest joys in life. He got a set of cardboard blocks for Christmas from his Grammie & Papaw for the sole purpose of us building him towers to knock over.

Last week Clayton was building with them. He saw Drew coming towards his block creation and stopped him immediately, "Drew! Don't knock it over! I'm building the wall of Jericho!" He reached down on the floor and grabbed his Little Einstein trumpet and handed it to Drew. He said, "Here's your horn."

Now you know why my laugh lines are getting deeper and deeper. That crazy boy keeps us in stitches around here. ;)


Hannah said...

Ok, the Carpenter one had me in stitches! What a funny boy! And blow your horn!!!! Did the wall come tumbling down?

Mrs. H said...

Your Christian parenting skills are bearing fruit (no pun intended!). Clayton is able to think outaside the box. "Oh, the places he will take" (Dr.Sues would be proud) Drew - and you and Wade for that matter.