Sunday, January 31, 2010

Medieval Times

I love my kids being 3 1/2 years apart. It really has worked out so well for us. Clayton was potty trained and big enough to be a pretty good helper when Drew was born, which made the adjustment to 2 kids a little easier. They are close enough in age that I think that they will be buddies, but far enough apart that they {hopefully} won't fight like cats & dogs. It's been a great spacing so far.

The only problem is that Clayton is at a really fun age where he wants to go and go all of the time. We think of fun outings all of the time that Clayton would like, but Drew is just too little to enjoy. Drew still needs naps and can't sit through shows/movies. So... we try to do things with just Clayton every couple of months. Miss Catherine comes to watch Drew and Clayton gets both parents all to himself. :)

On Saturday night we had hired Catherine to watch Drew so that we could take Clayton to the rodeo. We were all really excited about it! Well... we were slackers and didn't call for tickets until the last minute. So, the rodeo was sold out. :( We remembered that we had a coupon for Medieval Times, though. We figured that Clayton would enjoy that, so we decided to go with that as our back up plan.

Clayton had a ball! He got so into cheering for our knight. He was growling and yelling, "GO BLUE!" He was scowling and shaking his glow stick through the whole thing. Pretty funny... Wade & I laughed so hard at his banter!

Aside from the knights dueling, Clayton enjoyed several other parts of the evening. 1. The waitress called him "Prince" which he though was totally awesome. 2. The only drink options were iced tea or Pepsi. So, our crazy kid (who never gets caffeine) got 2 Pepsis with his dinner. Yowsers! Yes, he was up way past his bedtime bouncing off of the walls. Never again... 3. He got to eat with his fingers without getting in trouble.

Our knight didn't emerge victorious, but we all had a lot of fun. :)

Clayton screamed at the knight, "Throw a rose to my Mama!!!"
He was really sad that I didn't get one. Ha!


Holly said...

You all look so happy! I'm glad you got some special time with Clayton. :)