Monday, January 04, 2010

Fondue Rendezvous 2010

I was blessed to live with the sweetest 4 roommates EVER (excluding my current "roommate", of course!) during my last year at A&M. We had a blast together that year! We are all totally different, but meshed really well together. I wouldn't trade that year at 2521 Ashford for all of the money in the world!

When I moved out, Laura, moved into my room. She is such a neat girl! I only wish that I could have lived with her also. That was during the 2000-2001 school year. That Christmas Katie invited us all to do fondue at her parents' house. Y'all, I have never been the same since. :) It was sooo yummy!

The tradition stuck and we have gotten together every year since then for our annual Fondue Rendezvous. I think that, after 9 years, we have all of the recipes down to a fine science. It is definitely my favorite meal of the year!

We start with cheese fondue with apples and french bread. Then we eat a super yummy salad. Next is the meat & veggie fondue. And, for the grand finale, we have chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, pound cake, marshmallows, and pretzels. We eat for like 4 hours - no lie. I've learned to eat a light breakfast and skip lunch to save up for the evening. I'm telling you, it's a fine science...

This year we were able to host at our house. It was so fun! We missed Cindy (who is just days away from having Baby Andrew and couldn't travel) and Laura (who is preparing to move her family across the country as we speak). It wasn't complete without those two, for sure! But... we made do... ;)

Top Row (L to R): Halie, Moi, Katie, Traci
Bottom Row (L to R): Steve, Wade, Wes, CJ
Halie, Me, Katie, Traci
I am so thankful for my 2521 girls! We had so much fun together in college, and, even though we don't get to see each other very often nowadays, we can always pick up right where we left off. That's the mark of a really good friend, I'd say. Here's to many, many more years of friendship & fondue!


Leah said...

Sounds like so much fun, and super yummy! What a wonderful tradition. Thanks for sharing the pics. It is fun to have some faces, to put with all of your fun stories and memories!

P.S Love that new piece above your kitchen table...stunning!

Holly said...

What a neat tradition! I'm glad it continues! We did fondue over Christmas and it is definitely a favorite of mine, too.

Looks like you have some new wall hangings! I can't wait to admire them in person. :)

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

I'm so glad y'all had fun! Everyone looks great! I miss y'all!! :)

Mrs. H said...

What great friends. These girls are dear.

The Scogin Family said...

I was so sad to have to miss but can't wait to (hopefully) be a LOT closer soon for the many more years to come! :)