Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Wade's parents gave Clayton a Fisher-Price digital camera for his birthday. He LOVES it! He takes pictures all day, every day. It is funny to look at his photography and see how he views the world. He will sit there and arrange his toys and stuffed animals until he has the perfect pose. Then he will say, "Say cheese! No, not that way... a pretty smile, please." Wonder where he's heard that?!?!?!

Being the avid picture taker that I am, I have totally encouraged this new pastime. I think it is fun! Perhaps I have encouraged his hobby a bit too much.... The other day Wade was in the shower and I was doing my hair. We were talking to each other as Wade was getting out of the shower. Then, out of nowhere - click and flash! I quickly confiscated our little paparazzi's camera only to find a perfectly centered picture of my naked hubby. The picture was immediately deleted, and we had a long talk about not taking pictures of people while they are in the bathroom. :) I thought that it was hysterical - Wade didn't so much. he he he

Here are some of our budding photographer's recent shots (minus the nudes, of course). There were some really good ones from his birthday party, but he figured out how to delete them and now they are gone. But, there are still some good ones. Enjoy!


Kelli Sanders said...

I seriously laughed out loud reading this blog... what a great story!
Sure do miss ya'll :)

Anonymous said...

I think he had a future in photography! Also, I like the new background! Tiffany

Albus Adventures said...

The pictures are awesome! He's a pro!

Anonymous said...

What a way to begin my day. Clayton, you are a pro already.
Thank you again for coming for Popa D's birthday.
Love you buches...