Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Day Out with Thomas

This morning we went to A Day Out with Thomas in Grapevine. Clayton had a blast! They have a historic passenger train that they add a Thomas car to once a year. There were tons of kids and lots of fair-type activites. Clayton got a Thomas tatoo, jumped in the bounce house, rode the train, got a Jr. Engineer Certificate, got a personalized horseshoe for his cowboy room, and got to take his picture with the conductor and with Thomas. It was all great fun - especially for a little boy that LOVES trains!

When it came time for our 9:15 departure, Clayton raced to get onto the train and find the perfect seat. Just when we got settled into our spot and they fired up the engine, Clayton said, "Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom." Of course... Luckily, he made it through the 25 minute train ride without an accident. Whew - that was a close one!


Albus Adventures said...

Cool! I would have loved to go on that train...and I'm much older than 3 years old!

Brad and Emily said...

That's a neat idea! And Clayton is one adorable train conductor! Perfect outfit for the day!

Kati said...

Cute!!! You always find such fun things to do with Clayton!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful memory!