Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obligatory Bluebonnet Pics

I tortured my child yet again by making him pose for MORE pictures with flowers. (Do you think that he will ever forgive me?!?!) :) I love bluebonnet pictures, I just think they are so beautiful. Every good Texan should take them annually. Don't you agree? I'm sure that he will be scarred for life and will shy away from the camera in his adult life, but for now, I have captured the moment on film (er, uh... JPEG).

P.S. Most of the pictures that I got are like the last one - the positively painful smile that says, "I'm gonna loose it if she makes me say cheese one more time!"


Kati said...

I love the cheesy smile in the last pic! That is so cute.

Anonymous said...

He can NEVER take a picture I do not just adore. He will always be the model of perfection - smiles and everything else. Of course, I am unbiased!

I love you.


Kati said...

BTW.....I was trying to teach my students what a blog was today b/c they sometimes have stories in that type of format on the TAKS test. Guess whose blog I pulled up on my projector? That's right....yours!