Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pearly Whites

Clayton had his first ever dentist appointment today. Growing up, my Mom was religious about taking us to the dentist every 6 months. I credit her with the fact that I have only had 2 cavities my whole life (one baby tooth and one permanent tooth). So... I am going to try to be as good as she was about passing on good dental hygiene. :)

The first visit that this dentist does is a "happy" visit. He just looked at his teeth and brushed them. He doesn't do fluoride treatments or X-rays until they are four. So, it was not stressful at all. Clayton was cautious through the whole exam and didn't say a word (which is surprising for my little chatterbox). He finally opened up at the end when he got his Batman sticker and new toothbrush. He handed me the sticker (he didn't really care about it) and then excitedly examined his new toothbrush. He begged and begged for me to open it all the way home. What can I say, the boy loves to brush his teeth!


Albus Adventures said...

What a trooper! Good job Clay Boy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such wonderful pictures. Your blog is such a gift to Gran when I can't be there for all Clayton's firsts. I love you three so much.

Megan said...

Your dentist looks like he's 12.