Monday, April 21, 2008

Cousin Bubba has left the building..

Well, Cousin Bubba is no longer going to be coming over to visit. :( Clayton found the mullet wig in the closet and has figured out our little scheme. I had to take some pictures of him in the wig - just to see what Cousin Bubba, Jr. would look like! Aren't they hysterical!

Wade took Clayton fishing this weekend. They just went to one of the catch and release ponds by our house, but Clayton had a ball. They caught several little brim (is that what they are called?). They were using hot dogs as bait. Wade said that he caught Clayton several times sneaking a bite of the cold hot dogs. Yuck! I'm telling you - this kid will eat anything! Isn't he just too darn cute with his little fish, though. :)


Gran said...

Papa, my grandfather, is smiling from Heaven to see his great-great-great grandson fishing. I know Clayton will spend many more hours fishing with his dad. Hopefully, hot dogs will not be a continuing part of the adventure!