Thursday, December 15, 2016

School Christmas Program 2016

Our little school had their Christmas program on Tuesday night.  All of the kids did so well, and it was so fun to watch them worship the Lord with their talents.  Our Clayton had a speaking part and a singing solo.  That is not from his mother's DNA!  I am terrified of pubic speaking and wouldn't sing by myself for all of the money in the world!  But...  his Daddy's genetics won out and Clayton did soooo well!  I could not have been prouder of him!

The play was called Felix Finds Christmas, and it was about an orphan that wants a family for Christmas.  Clayton was Felix, and he was so convincing.  He was animated and enunciated well.  His theater teacher had coached him and he had spent hours and hours memorizing his lines.  All of that hard work paid off!  When he sung his solo, I couldn't hold back the tears.  I was just so proud of him!  He stepped out of his usual box, tried something outside of his comfort zone, and was successful.  Parenting is such a tough gig - these moments make all of the blood, sweat, and tears worth it, though!

Clayton got to wear a face mic, and that was a biiiigggg deal to him.  So cute!  He did tell me that he had some technical difficulties at their dress rehearsal.  They mic'd him up and started running lines.  The gentleman that runs the sound booth told him that he couldn't breathe through his mouth while wearing his mic, he had to breathe through his nose.  My little allergy boy attempted to breathe through his nose, and, apparently, it was much nosier than a normal nose breather would be.  The sound guy's eyes got big and he said, "Nevermind, just breathe through your mouth."   Haha!

The K-2nd kids sang a western type of song called Christmas Eve Constantly.  They all had bandanas on, and it was super cute.  Our little Kindergartner was front and center!

Drew was a kind of tucked into his spot, so I couldn't get many good pics of him, which was a bummer.  Both of the little boys sang their hearts out, though, and did all of the motions.  We were super proud of them!
 The next song was called Christmas Cray Cray.  It was the little boys' favorite.  ;)

 You would have thought that they made Owen run a marathon with his dramatics after he finished his two songs.  He looked at his Papaw and slumped down like he was soooo tired.  Ha!  I think this boy may follow in his oldest brother's footsteps and have some theater in his future as well.  ;)

 Felix with his foster parents...

 This was the part when the social worker told Felix that his foster parents wanted to adopt him.  He nailed the jaw drop.  ;)
At the end, the whole school was on stage to sing "Family of God" and "Good, Good Father" - another tear jerker for this mama!
 Clayton and Briley
 Clayton with two of his buddies that he has had since 3 year old preschool
 Grammie and Papaw drove in to see the performance.  So sweet of them!

 Clayton ADORES his history teacher!  She really is such an amazing educator - I have been super impressed with her!  He asked for a picture with her, which is a big deal when you are a 6th grade boy.
I am so thankful for the teachers, staff, and families at our little school!  Sometimes, I get frustrated with logistics and bogged down by home school work, but nights like this make it all seem worth it!  My kids had so much fun and the program really was a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas!