Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday in the Park

We took advantage of above average temps and loaded up to enjoy an afternoon at Holiday in the Park.  It wasn't very crowded, and we had a blast!

 This picture that Wade took cracks me up!  We were on the Conquistador.  Wade and Clayton were on one side of the boat.  The littles and I were on the other side.  I am not the best amusement park goer and tend to get queasy pretty easily.  I typically jump at the chance to sit out with whoever is too short/doesn't want to ride something.  But... Owen wanted to try the Conquistador, so I had to ride.  I felt like I was going to toss my cookies at any moment, Owen HATED it and cried the whole time, and Drew was trying to console his brother while sporting wild hair and veins popping out of his neck.  So glad that Wade caught that Kodak moment on his phone!  Haha!
Other than the Conquistador, we had a grand time!  :)