Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas at Grammie & Papaw's

On December 22nd, we loaded up and headed East to celebrate Christmas with Grammie and Papaw.  We had a sleigh full of presents, children, and a pup (for good measure).  :)

Drew has a turkey hat that he LOVES to wear around Thanksgiving.  For the last several years, it has been a tradition for him to wear it to Thanksgiving at Grammie and Papaw's house.  This year, he forgot it and was super sad.  So...  He wore it for Christmas instead.  Ha!
Marsha and Terry live in the sweetest little community.  They had a Christmas light contest, so we had to drive around and see all of the entries.  Below is the house that won!
 A car full!
My MIL is so great to plan tons of games and crafts for the kids.  I hope to be just like her one day!  She really is the best grandmother!  She bought wooden ornaments for the kids to paint.
 That's a whole lotta crazy right there!
 This boy loves to lay one on his Mama right before the picture takes.  I kinda love it.  ;)
 Drew's sweet friend gave him the game Pie Face Showdown for his birthday.  He really wanted to play it at Grammie and Papaw's, so we brought it along.  So fun!

 We got to see our Tompkins cousins.  Such sweet kiddos!

Marsha and Terry made these trees and turned them into a dice game.  You had to roll a certain thing to get each piece (in order).  The first to build their tree won the game.
 Wade won.  No surprise there!  He is a lucky one, this guy!
Grammie & Papaw are always soooo generous at Christmastime.  The boys each end up with packages galore!  Aunt Leigh Ann and Uncle Corey got them these camo chairs that were a BIG hit too!

We laughed and laughed because Corey, Marsha, and I all got some sort of pan.  We had to get a picture of the "pansies."  ;)
 Cousin pic!  They are all getting so big!
 Uncle Corey was writing letters on Owen's game and O was trying to guess the letter.  That Uncle Corey... he's can make fun out of anything!
 Mamaw with her 5 of her great grands.
 Another fun game!  The kids had to wear oven mits and try to open this present.  They passed the mits and the gift around in a circle like hot potato.  Good times!

 Brody loses his mind when he can see Wade but can't get to him.  When Wade was packing the car, Brode Dog did his signature high jump trying to get to his Daddy.  He bounces up and down so high!  I swear that he has springs built into his paws!
Thanks for a fabulous Christmas, Grammie & Papaw!  You spoiled us all with activities, yummy food, and lots of gifts!  You are too good to us!