Monday, November 28, 2016

Owen Tee Ball - 5U Twins

Our Baby Owen has finished his first season of tee ball!  What fun it was to watch him play!  He was on a great team, with a great coach, and he did a great job - couldn't ask for better!  He worked hard and loved every minute!

I blogged about his first game HERE.  I forgot to upload the video of his first ever at bat.  He did so good!  Here it is:

The hits just kept coming for our little guy!  If you ask him about the season, he will tell you that his favorite part was hitting it to the outfield twice.  Ha!  He LOVES the game and it shows.  This baseball loving family is so very proud of of youngest member!

Clayton has played with Reuben for 5 seasons now.  They have grown to be really good friends!  We requested for Owen to play with Reuben's little brother so that we could help each other out with practices.  It worked out, thank goodness!  So, Clayton & Reuben played on the 11U Braves and Owen & Moses played on the 5U Twins.  Super fun!

 Grammie & Papaw came to cheer on their youngest grandguy.
 There are horses on some land by the ball fields, and Owen loved getting to feed them in between games.
 Owen played catcher a couple of times during the season.  Much to Clayton's dismay, he hated it.  Ha!

 Proud smile on first base.  :)
 Mr. Paul & Mrs. Amber came to one of O's games - so sweet of them!
 Kimi, Charlie, and Joe came also
 Grandmother came to see all 3 boys play on one Saturday!  Three games is a lot, but she said that she loved it.  Is she not the coolest great Grandmother in the entire world?!?!
 This boy is so funny when he is concentrating his little tongue just goes all sorts of ways.  Ha!  I am so surprised that we made it through the season without biting it flat off!

 An out at home!  Just barely!
 An out at first

 Coach Dad helping his boy to learn the game.  :)
 Owen got the game ball from Coach Ben for "having the coolest swing I've ever seen."  Yay!
 He was so proud of that game ball!  You would have thought that it was made of gold!
 Grammie & Papaw got to be there when O earned the game ball!  So special!
The 5U Twins
O with Coach Ben
It was a fun season for our little O!  He has been begging to play for the last couple of years, and I am glad that we finally bit the bullet.  I hope that he continues to love the game for many years to come!