Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Clayton 11U/12U Braves - Fall 2016

Clayton was able to play catcher for the Braves again this season, and what an amazing season it was for our team!  The boys won 11 of their 12 games and were undefeated up until the final game of the season.  We were all so proud of them!

They started out their first practice looking fierce, well, as fierce as goofy 11 and 12 year old boys can be.  ;)

Grammie & Papaw came to a couple of C's games.  He loves it when they come to see him play!
 His best buddy, Pierce, came to a game as well!

Clayton's teammates are so sweet to Owen!  They let him hang out in the dugout and treat him like a member of their team.  He feels so big around them!

 A congrats from his Papa/3rd Base Coach...
 Not the greatest photography, but it was a good run.  :)

This picture of Clayton and his Daddy made me laugh.  They are soooo much alike - even the exact same stance!  There's no denying the DNA that these 2 share!

Coach gave the boy silver stars for runs and gold stars for homeruns.  Our boy racked up quite a few stars - including two gold ones!

 Grandmother spent an entire Saturday with us and watched all 3 boys play.  She is a pretty awesome great grandmother, for sure!

 Coach Raul and C-man...  I am so thankful for Coach and the time and effort that he has put into Clayton.  He is one of the best in the west!
 To celebrate an awesome season, the kids played whirlyball - so fun!

The Fall was awesome...  Can't wait to see what these boys do this Spring!  It's gonna be good!