Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Drew 8U Braves - Fall 2016

Our Drew played for Coach Eddie on the Braves again this season, and he had a great season!  I would say that he came out of the gates swinging, had a little slump in the middle, and ended on the highest of high notes!  We are so very proud of him for showing true grit this season and hanging tough through the hard parts.  He is really developing as a player!

Daddy had to leave his game early to go and coach Clayton's team.  Drew gave him the full recap through the fence.  I love that my kids want their Daddy to know everything about the hobby that they share.
Cutest Braves (and a Twin that is a Brave at heart)!
During their game on September 17th, Drew scored his first legit homerun (no errors on the other team's part)!  It was a moment that I will never forget!  His face was just pure joy, and he ran to his Papa and jumped in his arms.  So precious...

Wade was trying to teach the kids to "load and explode" during practice and to really use all of their power.  He let them hit water balloons, which they loved!  It made for some pretty cool pictures at sunset, which I loved.  ;)

Daddy pitched to the boys a couple of times during the season.  That was extra fun for Drew to hit off of his Dad!
He scored off of one of Wade's pitches.  :)
Grammie looked at me and said, "well, I didn't know that I was going to get to watch MY baby play too!"  Haha!
G came to watch the Drewster play!
Our first baseman was looking pretty fierce for the last game of the season on October 29th...

He hit a homerun his first at bat - yipeeee!!!!
He was the last batter of the game and the score was tied...  He got up to bat and had an awesome hit!  He went flying around those bases, and you better believe that his Daddy sent him home at 3rd base!
He SLID (which he had never practiced, but somehow pulled off!) and was as safe as they come!
Can you see his Daddy cheering on the left - he is soooo proud of his boys!
The crowd went WILD and we won the game!  He had gotten a walk off homerun to win the last game of the season in the Spring also!  I guess that he works best under pressure?!?!

That sweetie earned the game ball for getting TWO homeruns in one game!  The cutest thing was when Coach Eddie said, "Hmmm... who should get the game ball today....?"  All of the kids shouted, "DREW!"  What great teammates!
This boy was team captain, scored two homeruns, and got the game ball!  I think that his smile says it all!  Love this kiddo so, so much!
Way to go, #8!!!