Monday, September 01, 2014

Summer of Swimming

The only way to beat the summer heat in Texas is to stay in the water.  We love to swim at the Carpenter Casa!  This year we did even more swimming than usual.  The older the boys get, the easier it is to take them to the pool.  Owen is finally old enough that he can miss a nap, if need be, and Drew really took off with swimming independently this Summer.  We could swim for hours and hours without worrying about naptime or me being a nervous wreck with two non-swimmers.  It was awesome!  We had Hawaiian Falls season passes, which made the summer swimming even sweeter.  We spent some portion of almost every day in the water, it seemed.  :)

There is a huge waterslide at our neighborhood pool.  You have to be able to swim to the edge independently to go down it, though.  Drew finally conquered the slide - a major milestone in our family!

 Those Hawaiian Falls passes were worth every penny!  Season pass holders are able to get in the park 30 minutes early.  Most people hustle to the slides to beat the lines.  But... these two jokers wanted nothing more than to be the first ones in the wave pool.  Ha!  The whole water park to themselves, and they would pick the wave pool every single time.

 The Hunt chicas had passes as well, so these 5 kids got to have pool passes pretty often.  :)

Our Summer was, as Clayton would say, EPIC!  There are so many things that I loved about my babies being babies, but the summers sure are a lot more fun with big kids.  :)