Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Seth's First Birthday Party - September 27, 2014

My baby nephew turned ONE on September 18th!  His first year of life flew by!  I can't believe he is one!  The big boys had baseball/soccer games, so Owen and I decided to make the trek to Houston to represent the Carpenters.  :)

Owen was the best little road tripper!  He watched movies and napped for the entire 5 hours.  He never once asked for a drink, snack, or potty break.  It was awesome!
 We drove straight to the park for the party.  Owen kept hanging upside down.  He said, "take my picture, Mama!"  ;)
 The Birthday Boy!
 I know that I am partial, but isn't he gorgeous???  Such a beautiful baby!

 Homeboy was way into his cake!
 He tried to share with Mrs. Jenny, too.

 Owen enjoyed some snuggles with Gran before we left the next day.
It was a fast and furious trip to celebrate a precious baby!  We love you, Seth!