Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Owen's First Day of Preschool - September 9, 2014

Owen had his first day of school ever on September 9, 2014!  He was soooo excited!  He talked about it for weeks.  As you may remember, Drew's first day of school when he was 3 was pretty sad.  That sweet boy cried and cried for his Mama.  It broke my heart!  I was hoping that Owen's first day wouldn't be as tearful.

I got my wish!  Owen wasn't sad at all.  He smiled for a few pictures.

Sweet Boy
 We had quite the list of things to remember - backpack, lunch box, water bottle, nap mat, and an eager student.  Check, check, check, check, check.  ;)
 He was stoked about having a backpack of his very own.

 I had very mixed feelings about Owen going to preschool.  About 90% of me was super sad that I would be an "empty nester" for 10 hours a week, but the other 10% of me was super excited to have 10 kid-free hours a week.  Ha!  For the last 9 years, I have had at least one kiddo at home with me all day, everyday.  I tried to focus on the 10% to keep the 90% from wallowing in self pity.  ;)
 We walked in, put his things away, gave a quick hug, and he waved at me from the door.  Easiest drop off ever!  I was so proud of my big boy!
 I watched through the window for a bit.  He went straight to playing with the cars.  Just like that, my baby became a preschooler.  :(
 I was so excited to pick up my little buddy!  I was there promptly at 2:00.  Okay, okay... maybe 1:50.  Ha!  I was anxious to hear all about his day.  He brought home some stellar artwork and told me that he had a great day.  Yay!
I am so proud of my big preschooler!  He is going to have a great year, I just know it!