Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Drew is the New Kid on the Pew - 8/24/14

At our church, the kids start going to "big church" with their parents starting in Kindergarten.  They are sweet to make a big deal about it for the kiddos.  They go to a little party and get a church bag.  On promotion Sunday, the pastor recognizes the Kindergarteners as the New Kids on the Pew and they get to stand up.  All of the hub bub makes them feel so special.  :)

Our Drew was the New Kid on the Pew on 8/29.  He did awesome in service!  He was quiet and reverent throughout the service.  He colored and played with pipecleaners during the sermon.  We were so proud of him!

 Our church isn't boring at all!  I happened to catch Drew mid-yawn after the service, though.  We both got so tickled at this picture.

It sure is sweet to worship as a family on Sunday mornings.  I can't wait for Owen to be big enough to join us!  He'll be the New Kid on the Pew before we know it!