Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Circus Came to Town...

With our 3 little monkeys, Wade and I often tease that "the circus is always in town."  Ha!  Last week, the actual circus - as in Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey - came to town.  We went to see them at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Thursday night.  It was our last big hoorah of Summer 2012, and it was a great way to finish out the summer.

Clayton had been to the circus when he was 3, but Drew & Owen had never been.  They all loved it!  We got to the arena super early so that we could do all of the pre-show activities.  We went to see all of the animals first.  We went through that pretty quick, because the boys were chomping at the bit to see the performers.

I thought it was so funny to watch this guy cleaning off the elephants with a leaf blower...
After a quick trip through the animal exhibits, we went inside to see some of the circus acts up close.  The boys thought that was so cool!

Apparently, Wade was chosen to perform with the clowns.  Our streak of being picked for audience participation continues!  Unfortunately, I had stepped away, so I missed seeing it.  Bummer!
Baby Blue Eyes was such a trooper.  He loved the lights and action.
Drew & I watched Asia the Elephant paint a picture.  Who knew that elephants were so smart?  I guess they really don't ever forget things.  ;)

We all loved the tight rope walkers.  Pretty amazing.

Me and my bunch of crazies...
3 of the cutest clowns in the place
Drew loved the cotton candy, but didn't want to get his hands sticky.  Ha!  Wade sat there and fed the sugar fluff to our little blond boy.  What a life, right?!?!
Jokers.  For reals.

After a brief intermission/opportunity for people to buy the highly overpriced merchandise, the tigers were the stars of the show.  Way cool.

When we were all trying to explain what a circus was to Drew, Clayton told him that they would shoot a guy out of a cannon.  Drew immediately said, "I WANT TO DO THAT!"  Ha!  Once Clayton explained that he would be on fire, Drew wasn't so brave.  He quickly said, "Daddy can do that."  Ha!

The elephants were really neat, too.

I'll tell ya what... those Ringling Brothers sure do know how to put on a circus.  I sure was happy to go home with the clowns that I live with.  :)