Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Owen is 15 Months Old

My Baby Owen is 15 months old!  I cannot believe how much he has changed since his birthday!  I know that, by definition, he is a full blown toddler.  Promoting him to "toddler" makes my heart ache a little bit, though, so I choose to continue to categorize him as a baby.  I may continue that logic until he is 40.  :)

Seriously, though, he's still a baby, right???  

I took Owen for his well check yesterday and Dr. P. said that he was right on track with his growth and development.  He weighed 24 lbs. 3 oz. (45%) and was 32.25 inches long (80%).  Big boy!
Owen still takes 2 naps during the day - both are usually 2 hrs.  On the days where he only gets one nap, it is a nice long 3-4 hour siesta.  I've learned the hard way that I can't push him for two days in a row, though.  He still really needs 2 naps a day.  He sleeps 11-12 hours at night.  He has really embraced our summertime schedule - waking up at 9 or 9:30 in the morning.  The first day of school will be rough on us all.  I'm so not looking forward to it!  :(
We have started calling Owen "Linus" because he is super attached to his nanny (aka security blanket).  It goes with him everywhere.  :)
Owen still eats mostly baby food, but eats table food as well.  Homeboy can throw down on his food!  It is crazy how much that little monkey eats in one sitting.  He reminds me of Drew in that respect.  Mama may need to get a job at Costco just to feed these boys in a few years.  I'll be wearing a hairnet and passing out free samples before you know it!  Ha!
Owen gives sweet, slobbery baby kisses.  It is the sweetest thing!  He is such a loving little guy.  I hope he stays that way!  I'll take all the snuggles that I can get from my brood of boys.  :)
I still give Owen a bottle in the morning and one before bed.  He doesn't need it, and I know that.  He does just fine with a sippy cup and doesn't cry or ask for his bottle.  We'll phase it out soon.  I know that it is time.
Owen went through a brief period of asserting his independence.  He didn't want to snuggle and was go, go, go all of the time.  It made me so sad!  Thankfully, it was short lived.  He is back to his snuggley self!  He will let me rock him for as long as I am willing to - nuzzling his little face into my neck.  He is also super sensitive.  He cries the most pitiful tears if I just say, "No, no" in a semi-stern voice.  I pray that he remains sensitive to correction!
Owen has 7 teeth.  His top two central incisors, his right upper lateral incisor, his bottom two central incisors, and his bottom two lateral incisors.  I don't feel his one year molars yet, but I am sure that they will come soon.  Tooth-cutting-palooza is no bueno - not looking forward to it...
Owen is so serious!  He reminds me so much of Clayton as a baby with his furrowed brow.  I used to tease that Clayton was going to need Botox for his second birthday.  Ha!  I think that Owen really might!  This is classic Owen...
Those serious, studious faces make the moments where he breaks out in uncontrollable laughter even sweeter.  His precious giggles are the best!

Owen doesn't really have too many words right now.  Da-da, ma-ma, buh-buh - that's about the extent of it.  I would probably flip out about that, but I really do think that it is true that each subsequent child speaks a little later.  His brothers really do cater to his every grunt.  ;)  I remember Drew having a big language explosion between 15-18 months.  I'm sure that Owen will do the same.
Owen wears size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes.  He wears a size 4 or 5 shoe.
Owen has caught onto our frequent dance parties around here.  He can really break it down!  Ha!  I took this video the other day during the opening song of Rio.  He reminds me of the Ally McBeal baby dancing in his diaper.  ;)
My Sweet Owen,

You are growing so fast, my Dear!  I cannot believe how much you have changed since your birthday!  You were still an exclusive crawler just 3 months ago.  Now you walk, run, dance, spin, and climb stairs (with an adult behind you).  You are so busy exploring your world!  I love watching you learn.

You are cuh-razy about your brothers!  You follow them around and want to be right smack dab in the middle of whatever they are doing.  You mimic their dance moves, sit as close to them as possible, and study their legos as they build.  I never, ever imagined myself as the mother of 3 boys.  But, I know that this is exactly what our family was supposed to look like.  God knew that I needed you and your brothers.  He gave me exactly what my soul needed.  You 3 boys are so precious to your Daddy and I.

This has been such a wonderful summer!  I have enjoyed our lazy days together with absolutely nothing but fun on the calendar.  You love being at the pool, so we go swimming several times a week.  You decided that you weren't so into your float about a month into the summer.  You are much happier in your puddle jumper.  You are quite a sight in your double swim diapers, swim trunks, swim shirts, puddle jumper, and hat - there is more gear than baby.  :)  But, you are so happy in the water.  It is worth all of the prep work that it takes to get all 3 of you boys to the pool.  Next year it will be easier and we will go even more often.

I hope that you always know that you are loved fiercely, prayed for fervently, and treasured for being just who you are.  You bless my soul in ways that only you could.  I am head over heels, crazy in love with you, Little Mister!  

I love you to the moon and back,


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You are the sweetest mother!
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