Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 12, 2012

I celebrated my 33rd birthday on August 12th.  I guess that officially makes me closer to being in my "mid-30s" than I am to my "early 30s."  It's all a matter of semantics, though.  Age is just a number, right?  ;)

I really enjoyed my birthday this year.  I loved having my birthday on a Sunday, because I got to see most of my church pals.  I also got lots of texts, calls, and cards which always makes a girl feel special.  My boys also did their part to make the day fun.  They are so good to me!

Clayton learned to play "Happy Birthday" on the piano.  He asked me to video him playing the 3 songs that he learned this summer.  I was happy to oblige.  I just want to make sure that his piano teacher knows what she has to work with.  Get ready, Mrs. Melissa!  ;)

My favorite part is the dedication that he came up with - "this is for my mother, whom I know and love."  That boy...  He is a regular cartoon character!  Ha!

After Sunday naps x 5 (love it when that happens!), Wade made a fancy steak dinner for me and put candles on the Snickers ice cream cake that he got me.  He's so good to me!  Then we loaded up and went to the little carnival that was visiting our town at the time.  We went a couple of years ago, and the boys were excited to go back.

They loved the Fun Slide - especially Drew.

The house of mirrors was next on their list.  They held hands and made it through quickly.
Clayton was determined to go on this train thing that went through a haunted house.  Drew said that he wanted to go also.  I think that he was just trying to be big.  When they came around the corner, they both looked scared out of their minds.  Drew said, "I do. not. want to do that again!" about 15 times in a row.  Bless his heart.

Drew and I went on the ferris wheel.  It was really fun to see our church and other buildings in our town from the top.

Then they played some games on the midway.  My kids love a good carnie.  Ha!

Owen was in awe of some whirly ma bob thingy.
Three happy campers with all their loot.
It was a super fun day, and I welcome 33 with open arms.  I think that it is going to be a great year!

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