Thursday, July 08, 2010

Goin' to the chapel...

On Saturday, my sweet Katie got married! I was/am so excited for Katie & Wes and their new life together! I have blogged before about how much I adore Katie (see HERE or HERE). She really is such a sweetheart. She has definitely found her match in Wes, and I couldn't be happier for her!

Katie & Wes asked Clayton to be one of their ring bearers (they had 2 flower girls and 2 ring bearers). What an honor! He was very concerned about his role and constantly said he was "nervous" about the wedding. He wanted to know exactly when he was supposed to go down the aisle and how exactly he was supposed to ring his bell (the ring bearers had bells to ring instead of a pillow to carry). It was funny to see how much he has changed since May of 2007 when he was in Becca & Kelli's weddings. Back then he was just so stinkin' cute in his 2T tuxedo, but he didn't really grasp his role. He just knew that there would be a big party with all of his favorite people!

This time around, he wore a size 6 tuxedo and seemed much more serious about his job. He practiced over and over again how he would walk down the aisle. I thought that he would walk calmly down the aisle and ring his bell just like he did every time that we practiced. However, his "happy feet" took over and he sort of skipped/galloped down the aisle. Ha! Oh, well, he looked cute and rang his bell all the way down. That's the part that counts, right?

Katie with Clayton & Claire at the Rehearsal Dinner

Clayton took a liking to my friend Emily's little girl, Claire. He was very concerned about where Claire was at all times and danced with her through the whole reception. It was too cute to watch them!

Practicing his walk before the wedding.

One word - Stunning!!!

My little dapper darling. :)

Then (May 2007)...

& Now (July 2010).

Pronoucing Mr. & Mrs. Baker!!!

Grammie & Papaw gave Clayton a Fisher Price digital camera for his 3rd birthday (remember THIS post?). He still LOVES that camera. He grabbed it as we left the house to go to the wedding. We were in a hurry, so I didn't stop him. I figured that he would just leave it in the car. Oh, no, he brought it into the vineyard and snapped a gazillion pictures while we were there. He would pose people and tell them which way to tilt their head.

It's like he's been followed my the Mamarazzzi for his entire life! Ha ha!

Me & Hay

The photographer was changing lenses, so I snapped a quick pic of Clayton with the bride and groom while we were waiting. :)

I know that I am a bit biased (since I am friends with all of the children's mothers), but they were a pretty darn cute group of kiddos!

Me & My Hubs - It's hard to believe that we were in Katie & Wes's shoes 10 years ago!

My boy danced the night away with Miss Claire! He was twirling her around the dance floor like a pro. They had so much fun!

If they ever have So You Think You Can Dance the Kindergarten Edition, I know what couple would win the first season! ;)

L to R (top): Andrea, Cindy, Halie, Katie, Laura, Me
L to R (bottom): Emily & Traci

Katie & Wes did the dollar dance to score some honeymoon fun money. Wade gave Clayton some cash so that he could dance with the bride. He thought he was big stuff!

All of the guests lit sparklers to bid farewell to the bride & groom.

What a fun wedding! Clayton stayed up waaayyy past his bedtime that night. When we put him to bed, he said his bedtime prayers. He said, "Dear God, thank you for Ms. Katie & Mr. Wes. Thank you for helping them to have a good wedding. I hope that you help them have a great marriage! Amen."

I couldn't agree more!


Doug and Kelli said...

Maybe I'm biased too, but Clayton was soooo stinkin' cute at our wedding. I loved his hair... and I can still rememeber how he got half way down the aisle before changing his mind and running all the way BACK down the aisle towards the exit.
And you gotta LOVE a wedding at Delaney Vineyards... I'm sure it was beautiful!!!

Brent and Abbey said...

Wow! I think Katie is the prettiest bride I have EVER seen... what a beautiiful dress!

Holly said...

If I ever renew my vows Clayton will be my ring bearer for sure! That picture of him from 2007 with the gel in his hair is adorable!

Linda said...

Love the pictures and your post. We have been reliving the wedding day over and over and it's so fun to read your perspective of the day. Can you send me pictures?
Clayton and Claire were so cute dancing the night away. You had to love watching them. We did!