Monday, July 26, 2010

T Minus 1 Month

At the risk of exposing my inner dorky side, I have a confession to make.

I have an unhealthy love for office supplies. Seriously. It's ridiculous. I distinctly remember back to school shopping as a child and being positively giddy at the thought of new notebooks, pencils, and crayons. Brand new crayons... that's greatness in a box.

As you can imagine, I was pleased as punch to take my eldest man-child for his first ever school supply shopping trip. I realized on Sunday that we have a little less than a month before Clayton starts Kindergarten. Oh my...

I printed off his supply list, and we made a family trip to Walmart so that we could all bear witness to this epic rite of passage. Ha ha!

And, I brought my camera to properly document the experience. Oh, yes I did!

Can we have a moment of silence for the first ever back to school box of crayons?

No, Irish Spring was not on the supply list. ;)

I loved checking each item off of the list one by one. I feel like there is still soooo much to do before August 23rd. It will be here before I know it!


Ashlee said...

You make me laugh!!! I am in love with school supplies! With my college courses, you should see me- I have all the cool stuff! HAHA! My husband makes fun me all the time because everytime I go to Wal-Mart, I buy pencils or pens or something! Funny! I can't believe Clayton is going to school!!! What a BIG boy!!

Holly said...

Oh Sarah, I love you! I, too, love office supplies and back-to-school shopping. In addition to the purchasing of the supplies I loved carefully writing my name on everything and then packing it up in my new backpack or tote bag to take to school on the first day. And then the joy continued because I could unload it into my cubby or desk and organize it all! It's the little things. :)
P.S. I can't wait to see Clayton in his uniform! I know there will be pictures so I don't have to request any. ;)

Melissa said...

Me too!! I love new school supplies! I REALLY loved when my 20+ students brought their new school supplies and I could organize them the way I wanted. ;)

Mrs. H said...

Oh, I remember the purchase of your first box of "real" crayons ( 64 count, I think). I also remember your frustration with the A&M bookstore when they did not reward you for selling back a perfect textbook with no writings in it. You had kept it like new by taking perfect notes without any underlining. Clayton will love school - at least until Middle School if he is like his Mama.

Albus Adventures said...

Until I zoomed in on the picture I thought the pencil box was a calculator and I thought...Oh my gosh they are really starting them early!