Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sadie Rose

Well, I am about to commit a big blogging faux pas. One of the cardinal rules of blogging is "Thou shalt not blog about someone else's news before they themselves blog about it." Errr... maybe I made that up. ;)

I do agree that one shouldn't share news that isn't theirs to share. However, I am busting at the seams to blog about my friend, Leah's, new baby girl! She gave me permission to blog away, so that makes it okay. Right? ;)

Just do me a favor, and no one tell Emily Post. K?
Sadie Rose Hunt was born last Tuesday (June 29th) at 1:10 pm. Leah did such an amazing job bringing Miss Sadie into the world!!! I have a whole new respect for my sweet friend, for sure. She was sitting up, laughing in bed (and looking beautiful, I might add) within minutes of having Sadie. I was so impressed! She has made the transition from 1 child to 2 seamlessly. She honestly made it all look so easy (even though I know that it isn't!).

Sadie is a doll baby! She has the most beautiful peaches and cream skin with lots of dark hair. When I saw her through the glass in the newborn nursery, I said, "She looks just like Snow White!" She is such a beauty!

I texted Wade with all of Sadie's stats & a picture as soon as she was born. His reply was "Awwwww, so sweet. Grab her and run." Ha ha! Believe me, if I thought that I could get away with it, I would have followed his advice. ;)

Just a couple of hours old...

Can you say "new Mama glow"???

The Carpenter family is pretty smitten with Miss Sadie!

1 week old today!

So sweet...

I have exercised extreme restraint by not spending every waking moment over at the Hunts' house. It has taken LOTS of willpower. :)

I can't wait to watch this precious baby girl grow up. I know that she will be such a blessing to everyone that she meets. In the mean time, though, I am going to hold her and breathe in that sweet newborn scent as often as possible. Man, I love newborns...


Tara said...

I am so happy you posted about little Sadie Rose. I have been blog stalking Leah's page and have been waiting to see new baby pics. It gets me so excited to meet my new little girl a new few months. She just adorable and mommy looks great!!!

Brent and Abbey said...

She is a beauty! Love Love Love the pjs!

halie said...

Sweet baby girl! AND...I love the outfit you made for her! I seriously want one if ours is a girl!! :)

Leah said...

Thank you precious friend for finally posting some pics of my sweet girl! I am still editing my 577 pictures from that day, and have seriously failed at getting my girl on the web!

Thank you for all the love and compliments in your post. It was such a blissfully joyous day when we welcomed her...and every day has gotten even sweeter. I love sharing her with anyone that loves her...but especially you my pal!

Thank you for all the sweet Auntie Sarah gifts and treats for her. They are just darling!

Love ya girl! And, come hold away---anytime,anyday---! :)