Saturday, June 28, 2008

2521 Reunion '08

My roommates from my last year at A&M are some of my very dearest friends. I can't even begin to tell you how much that I love each and every one of them. But, I'll try:

Cindy - Cindy and I met in Jr. High. I remember her as being really quiet when we were that age. My, how time has changed us! Cindy is super outgoing and probably the funniest person that I have ever met. Her sense of humor totally cracks me up! She is also one of those people that is really good at building you up. She is always positive and always makes me feel better about myself. Just a sweet little ray of sunshine - that's my Cindy.

Halie - I have known Halie since the second grade. She is absolutely beautiful - inside and out! She has a tender heart and is really sensitive to the needs of others. She is a first grade teacher and I can only imagine how wonderful she is at her job. Halie is one of my oldest (meaning that I have known her the longest, of course) friends. I could tell her anything and I know that she would keep it in the strictest of confidence. I just adore the girl...

Katie - Where do I start with my sweet Katie?!?!? This girl has a heart for the Lord that you would not believe. She is very involved in Young Life. She pours herself into those high school kids and devotes a lot of her time to their spiritual growth. Aside from all of her inner qualities - Katie is super trendy! She has a really cool sense of fashion and an eye for what looks good. I wish that I had just a tiny bit of her cool factor. :) She is also a teacher - kindergarten. I pray that Clayton will have teachers like Halie and Katie. They are the salt of the earth!

Laura - Laura and I never officially lived together. She moved into my room when I left to move in with my current roommate (aka my hubby). I wish that I had gotten more time with her in college. She is a military wife now and the mother to two sweet kiddos. I totally admire her for all of the sacrifices that she and her family make for our country. She is laid back and totally flexible - qualities that I definitely do not have! I wish that she lived closer to me. I could learn so much from her! She is a great Mom and I know that we would hang out a lot together. If only she didn't live half way across the country...

Traci - Traci has a heart for missions. She has been all over the world telling others about Christ. She has been all over the US, to Africa, Asia, South America, etc. She loves other cultures and is able to dive right in and make others feel welcome. She is warm and loving - an instant burst of energy. She is up for anything - even intramural badminton! HA! I wish that I had her sense of adventure and her willingness to try anything.

That's my girls! Our time at 2521 Ashford was a year that I will never forget. They are all the kind of friends that I know would be there in a heartbeat if I needed them. I have been so blessed my these girls and thank the Lord that He placed each of them in my life. We try to get together a couple of times a year. We get together for a fondue dinner around Christmas time and we started an annual summer reunion last summer. This summer we opted for my house as the location of Roommate Reunion '08. We had a ball together! We talked, ate (we had Mexican food 3 times in 3 days!), shopped, got manicures/pedicures, and played at the pool. Clayton and Baby John (Laura's baby) came along for it all. Halie, Cindy, Katie, and Traci were really sweet to help Laura and I with our kids. Thanks girls! Here is a recap of our weekend through pictures!

Clayton soaking in some Halie time while we were shopping.

Dinner at Christina's

Clayton lovin' on Katie...

Katie was teaching Clayton how to relax while getting a pedicure (hence the squinted shut eyes - being still and quiet is hard for a 3 year old little boy!).

The pedicure group

Cindy opted for a manicure - she always has to be different...

Clayton had more fun with the fake hands that the manicurists practice on. This kid is ALL boy!

The only group shot with all 6 of us! (Make that 7 - Clayton just had to be included.)

Clayton begged to hold Baby John on multiple occasions. I hope that he is this sweet to his baby brother. :)

Clayton was practicing his yoga with Traci on the Wii Fit. This is the Half Moon pose.

Love you girls! Can't wait to see you again at fondue...


Mrs. H said...

What wonderful true friends-they are all so special. The memories are sweet. I know these reunions happen more than twice a year through emails and phone calls. Distance cannot really separate you all.

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Sarah, Thank you so much for hostessing us all! You have a talent for writing what we all are thinking (must've gotten your mom's English genes)! We had so much fun!! Can't wait for the next reunion :)

Kati said...

Looks so fun!
btw, I sent you the pic! ;-) Tell batman hi!