Saturday, June 14, 2008

Doctors' Orders

At Clayton's 3 year-old well child check (back in March) we saw a new pediatrician. Apparently, this particular doctor is really big into nutrition. I feel like Clayton eats a relatively well-rounded diet, but he did give me some good pointers. Some of it wasn't practical - he suggested meat and eggs for breakfast each morning. (Yeah, right - like I have time for that!) I understood his point, though. He wanted a breakfast that would tide him over so that he wouldn't need a morning snack.

Fastforward to this weekend: Wade's mom made Clayton some macaroni and cheese last night for dinner. He took one look at the bowl and said, "Grammie, my doctor says that I need more protein." What 3 year-old says that?!?!?


Kati said...

Tell Wade Happy Father's Day!
And, way to go Clayton...I need more protein, too!

Albus Adventures said...

I don't think I knew what protein was until high school, maybe even college!

Mrs. H said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time in Florida.
I second Kati's, "Happy Father's Day, Wade".
Maybe Clayton will be focused on good eating habits all his life. What little one doesn't love mac and cheese? He makes me laugh.

Keith and Judy said...

this story is very funny to me. :) Kids today are exposed to a whole different ballgame. We had a party at school and the kids in my class said, "Who brought the cups? Don't they know that styrofoam is bad for the environment?"