Monday, June 02, 2008

13 Years Ago...

On June 2nd, 1995 I started dating my first boyfriend. He was 16 years old, blond, blue-eyed, tall, and thin. He drove a candy apple red 1969 Mustang. I had known him since the 4th grade - his father was my junior high principal. And I was totally smitten...

Little did I know then that 13 years later I would be married to that tall skinny guy. We have been through A LOT together - homecomings, proms, millions of movies and dinner dates, 2 breakups, dating other people, 2 reconciliations, deaths of loved ones, births of loved ones, almost 8 years of marriage, the birth of our first child, infertility issues, the much anticipated pregnancy with our second child, the list goes on and on... We've come a long way, baby! There's no one else that I would want by my side through the joys and sorrows of life.

Here are a few pictures from our journey together. They start from 4th grade children's' choir (where we first met) and continue through April of this year. My, how we've changed!

FBC Carrollton Christmas Pageant 1989 - The song that we were in was about the children of the world. I was representing Russia (red dress with white apron) and Wade was Holland (yellow pants and red vest).

Senior Portraits - May 1997
Before Les Miserables - July 1997
Before an Aggie football game (this is the only picture that you will ever see of my hubby in A&M paraphernalia - this is when I knew that he really loved me) :)
ASC Shindig 1999
At our wedding reception - June 24, 2000
The day after our first sweet baby boy was born - March 14, 2005

In San Diego celebrating our second pregnancy - April 2008

I love you, Babe!!!


Mrs. H said...

What a flood of memories. The idea of you two together is perfect. Perfection takes some struggles. Nothing worth anything should be uneventful and without dips in the road. You two are proof of this old concept.

Mom (i.e. Sharon, Gran)

Kati said...

What's funny is that I totally remember Wade pulling up in that Mustang at CCA the first time I met him....And I remember serving him a strawberry milkshake at Hudson's! ;-) Ah, the memories! I am quite impressed that you remember the date of your first date as well!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

And you two keep getting better with age! 13 years is seriously unbelievable! Congratulations. Here's to 100 more!!!