Sunday, June 08, 2008

Imagination Station

Clayton's imagination is growing and is in full force around our house. He is constantly telling me stories and coming up with crazy rhymes. He is funnier than ever! Most of his stories start with "Once Upon a Time" and end with "The End." They are usually about dinosaurs, superheros (his new favorite things), or spiders (random - I know). Being that I am not super creative, my stories are usually based on Bible stories, movies, or books.

The other day I walked in the living room to find that he had built a "train." He had lined up various household items (dog leash, shoes, coasters, coins, my makeup bag, my sunglasses) and toys into a perfect line. He was so happy with his creation.
He has also become REALLY into action figures. This is something that I know absolutely nothing about. Wade bought him a set of dive sticks that look like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash Gordon. I didn't even know who Flash Gordon was! I was trying to educate myself (and be a cool mom) the other day, so I let him watch an episode of Batman that happened to be on TV. It was seemed way too violent and scary to me. I have since decided that there will be no more of those shows in our house for quite awhile (at least until he is a few years older). So, I went to the Christian book store to try to find an alternative. They had some really neat Bible hero action figures (Biblequest was the brand). They were, however, really expensive ($15-20 a piece - over a hundred dollars for the collection of 6). So... what's a girl to do? Any ideas?

Another Funny Clayton Story: Last week Clayton asked me, "Mommy, when you went to see Diego, did you see Baby Jaguar too?" It took me a second to process... Then I realized that all this time he has thought that we went to "see Diego" when we went to "San Diego." Bless his heart - I am sure that he has spent the last two months thinking that we went to see his favorite TV star without him!
Finally, here is a picture of my little guy this morning before church (one is with his beloved new dive sticks). He was emphatic this morning that he wanted to dress "fancy" for church. He insisted upon a tie and leather belt. He just looked too darn cute not to snap a few photos. Is that kid the spitting image of Wade or what?!?!


Megan said...

hahaha. You went to see Diego without him. That is funny.

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

He is seriously cute. I see some Hendrickson in that boy too!!

Anonymous said...

I know at 3 years old William REALLY loved the Rescue Heroes from Fisher Price. You can find them in any toy store in the Fisher Price stuff...if they don't sell them anymore - let me know. I have some in the attic! I even have some videos. The people are fire fighters, police men, paramedics, coast guard guys etc. They have lots of accessories too.
Linda Westmoreland

Mrs. H said...

He is amazing. Thank you for sharing those stories and pictures.
Thank you, Cindy, for your observation.

Kati said...

I love his tie....Quite fashionable!