Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Santa Through the Years...

2005 - Clayton was 9 months old. It was our first Christmas with a baby, and we were thrilled to have a child to share the holidays with. We dressed our little darling as Santa and sent his picture as our Christmas card.

We took him to see Santa, and he was enamored with the "jolly ole' elf."

2006 - Clayton was 3 months shy of his 2nd birthday. We went to Northpark Mall, because we heard that Santa was the very best. He was wonderful, I totally agree. Clayton was pretty timid at first, but Santa distracted him with a top. We got a serious (but not crying) photo. :)

2007 - We went to New York in early December to visit Doug & Kelli. That was a great trip! We took Clayton to Macy's to visit Santa, and I don't know if we'll ever top that Santa experience. It was awesome!

I love this video of Clayton with Santa. I especially love when Santa tells him that he has to be a good little boy and Clayton replies, "I not be naughty." Man, that was a cute age!

2008 - Drew was 2 months old, and to say that I was exhausted is an understatement. I was adjusting to life with 2 kiddos and wanted to make Drew's first Christmas really special. He was a sweet little Santa.
Clayton was craving attention, and sensed that Santa was a sucker. :) He talked his ear off and asked him gobs of questions. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone in line behind us...
2009 - We took the boys to see Santa yesterday. Drew loved Santa's beard and only stopped touching it long enough to get a picture. ;) Clayton asked Santa for a remote control car, a Green Lantern costume (Random! He hadn't mentioned that one yet.), and a play set. Santa danced around the play set request and said that he would have to see if there was room in his sleigh. He even mentioned getting a trailer. Ha! Way to avoid a straight answer on that one, Santa!

Thanks for all of the memories, Santa!


Sa Smith said...

You don't know me, but I'm Leslie Hege's sister, Sarah. She would tell me the funny things that Clayton and Drew would do, so I peeked at your blog and I've been following it ever since. This is the cutest thing! I love your craft ideas and the funny things that your kids do and say. I got married in February and we don't have any kids yet, so it is awesome to get a little insight into what is to come! Thanks for sharing and hopefully we'll get to meet one day!

Melissa said...

Aww, how cute are you?? That's neat that you've done it every year. Fun memories for the boys!

Brent and Abbey said...

Santa is the best! Thanks for the recap!

Clayton has never looked older to me! Tear.

Holly said...

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. It's fun to see pictures of these special boys before I even knew them. Christmas traditions are the best! You're right. Red santa doesn't look so good himself, but the picture turned out great!