Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Houston

We were in Houston from Dec. 21-24. We had a wonderful visit! The boys enjoyed all of the quality time that they got to spend with their Gran, Papa D, Aunt Becca, Uncle Jeff, and their cousins. Wade & I did too! :) The boys played and played. It was loud & rowdy with 4 boys in the house! I'm pretty sure that it was VERY different than what my parents remember from when Becca & I were little. Ha! But, I'm certain that they wouldn't have it any other way...

I took GOBS of pictures, but I can't post most of them. :( Since A&J aren't officially adopted, we are being extra careful to protect their privacy. I, for one, don't want to do anything that could prevent those sweet boys from being ours forever. So... I'll just have to post a few of my monkeys for now.

My Mom & Dad gave the boys each a small present to open each day. The boys had fun searching for the gift that had their name on it. It spread out Christmas over several days, which was great for all of the kids. Plus, all of the gifts were activities (silly string, coloring books, puzzles, etc.), so that gave them something fun to do together.

Clayton with his silly string from the first day.
Drew figured out how to unwrap presents while we were there. Clayton had been "helping" him unwrap, but he finally figured it out on his own. He thought the tissue paper was great fun!
My parents have always had the tradition of giving us Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. We always opened one present on Christmas Eve and it was always our PJs. In keeping with tradition, they gave the boys a set of Christmas PJs. :)

Drew got a Beginner's Bible board book. He LOVES books, so it was sweet to watch him "read" it. ;)

We definitely had a wonderful Hendrickson Christmas. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for all of the work and planning that you did to make our visit so great!

Our families are both so special to us! I wish that they all lived closer, but the extended time that we get to spend together at the holidays sure is precious. We enjoyed having a full week of celebrations with our families! What a very Merry Christmas!


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Glad you had a great time with the Hendricksons! Drew's little belly is SO SWEET. Love those boys!

Mrs. H said...

Thank you for such a fantatic, priceless gift of a visit from our family from "the North". It was amazing to actually see how much both boys have grown. Even though the baking of cookies and making of the peanut butter "candy" were real "activities", we would not have changed a thing. We are so thankful to know Drew handled the Hansel and Gretel
experience with manly courage. Mom and Dad did, too.