Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Card Outtakes

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious... I love pictures! I love everything about them. I love getting that perfect shot. I love editing the perfect shot with my Photoshop Elements software to make it even more perfect. (Incidentally, Wade gave me Photoshop for Valentines this year. It was my favorite Valentines gift he's ever given me! It cost the same amount as I nice bouquet of flowers, but has given me many more hours of joy. Just a little gift idea if you are still looking for a last minute present for the photographer on your list. :) ) I then love printing off our photos and framing them. It's like you're preserving a moment in history forever. Photos + Me = Love.

However, with two children and a hubby that is less than fond of having his picture taken, capturing the perfect shot for our Christmas card proved to be a bit difficult this year. In the end, we got some definite keepers and our card will be great (if I ever get it back from the printers...).

I have to admit, though, that all of the outtakes brought me just as much joy as the "perfect" picture that we got. I honestly considered sending out a card that was a collage of all of the goofy pictures. I was going to put, "May your Christmas be imperfectly wonderful!" or something to that affect.

I decided to stick with the traditional card with the pictures that everyone is expecting. But, I had to share the blooper pics with my friends in blogland. Enjoy!

Drew was trying to bail on the photo session...

This is my favorite one. We all look awful! Ha!
Clayton trying to smile through a yawn.
Drew was thrilled with the fact that he is jumping on the furniture.

At this point, I'm pretty sure that Clayton was wishing for a new family.
Preferably, one that doesn't send Christmas cards.

You are laughing with us and not at us, right? ;)

We wish you an imperfectly Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

That's great Sarah! Thanks for sharing. You made me smile! :)

Mrs. H said...

You gave me a belly laugh. No picture could ever be less than perfect.

Leslie said...

At least the outfits are precious!;) Y'all are looking good!

Holly said...

These are so funny! Thanks for being real. I love that next to last one of Clayton. He's just about at his breaking point, but still following instructions. I can't wait to see the finished, polished product!

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

So funny!! I chuckled out loud and had to tell Matt about it. :) Love you sister!!