Friday, November 20, 2009

Wade's Mini-Me

I've noticed lately that Clayton tries very hard to imitate his Daddy. He wants to do everything that Wade does. If Wade is working in the yard, Clayton wants to help him. If he is watching football, Clayton wants to watch too. If he is eating a snack, then Clayton wants the same thing. It is pretty cute to watch.

There are 2 silly skills that Clayton has mastered lately that just make me realize that he is Wade's little Mini-Me. First of all, he learned to whistle. And, he does it all. the. time. In fact, he is whistling as I type. Last week he came into the kitchen and said, "Mama, does our town have a whistling team?" When I broke the news that, no, we did not have access to a whistling team, he was very disappointed. He said, "Aw, nuts! I guess that means that I'll have to practice by myself."

Wade tells me all of the time about how his mom banned him from whistling in the house or in the car. She told him that whistling was an outdoor activity. Ha! Now I get where she was coming from! Wade still whistles a lot, and now Clayton is following in his footsteps. They are two whistling fools! ;)

For as long as I can remember, whenever Wade has given Clayton a bath, he blows him bubbles with the bath soap. He puts soap on his hands, mixes in just the right about of water (I'm told that the soap:water ratio is a highly scientific skill), and blows bubbles. Not just little bubbles, mind you, we're talking huge bubbles. Well, Clayton figured out how to do the same thing a few weeks ago. It has dramatically increased our soap consumption, but the smiles and giggles are worth it. :)

Clayton's Bubbles

Daddy's bubbles

Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! (Or the whistle ability far from the whistler. Or the bubble blowing skills far from the bubble blower.) :)


Melissa said...

Those bubbles are GREAT! :) So sweet how Clayton adores his daddy. We'll pray that he always does!!

Holly said...

How wonderful that you're married to a man you WANT your son to imitate. Those two are quite a pair. I noticed Clayton whistling last weekend. I need to ask him for some pointers. I'm a one note whistler. :)

halie said...

Don't you just love to watch your hubby with the kids? There's nothing more special than a Daddy-child bond! Wade is a great Daddy!

The Scogin Family said...

So cute! I've been behind on reading my blogs lately so I had to play catch up....LOVE reading and seeing how your sweet boys are growing! I'm hoping to catch up on my blog soon...3 has really taken some adjusting to! :)