Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feast Day

Today was Feast Day at Clayton's preschool. Our little Indian (er, uh, Native American, to be politically correct) was stoked about his vest and headdress.

The boy's a sucker for a good costume (even if it is made out of butcher paper!). :)
They made placemats and little place cards. Very cute!

Me & My Eldest
Since Clayton's feast was from 12:05-12:45, Daddy got to come during his lunch hour. Clayton was so glad to have him there. Clayton feasted and played hard at school. Then he came straight home and fell into a food coma on the couch.
Thank you Lord for tryptophan! Perhaps I should feed Clayton turkey for lunch every day. Ha!
P.S. I just read the Feast Day post from last year, and it made me cry. :( My babies look sooo much older than they did last year!


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

I love that you're wearing burnt orange and Wade is wearing maroon.

Mrs. H said...

Only a TRUE Aggie would notice, Cindy. ;-) Clayton and Drew are growing too fast. It makes me sad to not be there to watch them, but I am thankful they are becoming such amazing boys.

Hannah said...

Wow! They have changed so much! I can't bear to look back like you did. Babies are the best...but it sure is nice to NOT have a baby in the house too!