Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pirate Day at Preschool

Today was Pirate Day at Clayton's preschool. In chapel their theme for the month is, "the Bible is our Treasure Map." So, they got to dress as pirates. Cute, huh? Y'all know that we have a costume for every occasion, so we're all about a good theme day. :)

Mid- "Arrrr, Matey!"

Yeah, so... I let my kid wear an earring to school. Don't judge me.
On the way to preschool we had a funny conversation.

Clayton: Are there still real pirates?
Me: Um, yeah, but not the same kind that you are thinking of.
Clayton: WHAT?!?! I thought that pirates were extinct!

What am I going to do with that crazy kid...


Holly said...

What a great way to start my morning! I LOVE that first picture. He really commits to his characters! What a neat idea to pair pirates with a Bible lesson. You found a great preschool. :)

Keith and Judy said...

i'm surprised that you guys let him go as mike leach. maybe he'll be a red raider after all... :)