Sunday, November 15, 2009

Game Over :(

Well, the Mighty Gators finished up their fall t-ball season on Saturday. I must say that I am sad that we won't have t-ball games on Saturdays anymore. I so enjoyed watching my boy play ball! I'm hoping that he will want to play again in the spring - we'll see.

Not to get sappy or anything, but thank you so much to all of our family & friends that came out to watch Clayton play! We know that the weekends are precious time to us all, and we appreciate you all giving up a few hours to cheer on our boy. :)

Clayton definitely had the most fans of any kid on the team. We are so blessed!

Granddad, Papaw, Mamaw, G, Grammie, Kelli & Jay

Traci was in town for Thia's baby shower and came along to a game. She wore team colors and hollered the loudest. ;)

Miss Leah & Maggie

Our babysitter, Catherine, and her sister, Jaime

Tim & Holly came with a sign - so cool! It now has a prominent spot in his bedroom.

Abbey & Luke

His biggest fans!

Clayton getting a good hit!
Clayton & Coach Peter
He thought he was too cool for school with his sign. Ha!
At the team party after the game, they handed out trophies. Our little gator was sooo excited!
Those are some hard earned grass stains, my friends. I'm not even going to try to get them out. I love them! It makes me feel like a real "boy mom." :)


Holly said...

I hope he plays next year, too! That was a lot of fun! I was very impressed at his batting skills WITHOUT the tee, too!

Brent and Abbey said...

I have never been so proud of that boy! Did you see in the "hit one out of the park" picture the brute force that he had to bend the t- ball stand??? My hero!