Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday...

I recently started reading this blog called "My Charming Kids" (click HERE to view it). It is so funny/enlightening/sweet! The woman who writes the blog was pregnant with her fourth baby while I was pregnant with Drew. We were due right around the same time, so I feel bonded with her. :) There were some major health concerns with her baby, but the Lord chose to heal his little body. What a testimony she is!

Anyway, she does this thing called "Not Me Monday." It is where she confesses embarrassing things under the pretense that it was "Not Me." I feel the need to do some confessing of my own today, so here goes my "Not Me" list...

* My three year old did not choose to disobey and stand in the shopping cart yesterday at Target. I did not push the cart (not realizing that he was standing) and cause him to fall backwards out of the cart. No sir, not me. I always make Clayton sit in the front with his buckle on. I would never be so reckless!

* I did not dance around like a crazy woman in my closet yesterday when I was able to put on my pre-pregnancy jeans. (After months of elastic waistbands and empire waist tops, pants with a button and a zipper are WAY exciting!) I did not jubilantly holler things like "Yay - Go me!" and "Oh yeah, oh yeah!" while dancing like a crazy teenager. I would never do such a thing. Not me - I am able to maintain my composure at all times, of course.

* I did not overlook the obvious spit up on Drew's onesie and swaddle him in it anyway. I would never be so lazy at 3 am that I would make my child sleep with spit up on his sleeper. What kind of a mother would do such a thing - not me, that's for sure!

* I did not fall asleep repeatedly on the couch in the playroom this morning while I was supposed to be playing with my 3 year old. I did not wake up to him saying, "Mommy, keep your eyes open!" I would never, no matter how sleep deprived I may be, neglect to give my sweet Clayton my full undivided attention. (I honestly feel horribly guilty about that one, but I'm trying to laugh it off.)

* I am not sitting on the couch blogging while my sweet hubby cooks dinner in the kitchen. I would never try to get out of cooking. I jump at the chance to prepare a meal for my family. (If you know me, you know how totally sarcastic that last statement was!)

* I did not choose to eat a chocolate Pop Tart for breakfast this morning. Come on, I am nursing a two week old baby! I would never choose something with such little nutritional value (even if it was super convenient and yummy!).

I must admit that was kind of freeing to tattle on myself to the entire blogosphere! Maybe this will be a new Monday tradition. :)

Finally.... for Gran, Grammie, G, and every other grandmother out there, here are some pictures.

This kid loves a good swaddle.

Mr. Bright Eyes


Doug and Kelli said...

I LOVE your post!!! I seriously cracked up at the visual I got of your dancing in your closet. That is so something I would do :)

Leah said...

Sarah, you are the funniest blogger I know! Mom humor is my honest and real! You are a precious mother, your boys are blessed to have you! You will have to demonstrate those dance moves sometime...oh I don't know...maybe for our Sunday school class? hahaha!

Megan said...

I love the not me Monday. It should be a regular... But you wouldn't keep doing embarrassing things, now? Not you.

Brent and Abbey said...

UMMMMM, I eat a cherry pop tart EVERY night at 2 am while pumping and reading blogs! ;)