Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drew is 3 weeks Old!

Well, our precious baby boy is 3 weeks old today! I wish that I could say that the last week was as pleasant as the first 2, but it has been pretty miserable for us all. My sweet, happy baby has been replaced by a total grouch! He has been screaming and crying for about an hour after every feeding. It has been enough to bring me to tears on more than one occasion. I suspected reflux, but dreaded taking Drew to the doctor AGAIN (he had been 3 times in his first two weeks of life!). Yesterday, however, after a projectile vomiting episode that resulted in spit up going from one end of my couch to the other, I finally broke down and made him an appointment for this morning.

They started off by weighing our little (well, not so little) guy. He weighed 10 lbs. 10 oz.! Holey Moley - we've got a linebacker on our hands for sure!!! He weighed 9 lbs. 6.5 oz. last Monday when I took him. After that huge weight gain, I was certain that they would dismiss my reflux suspicions. However, the kind Nurse Practitioner had mercy on us. She agreed that Drew has all of the classic reflux symptoms. In fact, she said that most reflux babies tend to nurse well and put on weight fast at first. Apparently, the milk is soothing to their esophagus at first so the want to keep eating. The pain quickly follows, though, when the stomach acid starts coming back up. Anyway, she gave us a prescription for an acid blocker. I promptly dropped it off at the pharmacy and gave them my cell phone number to call when it is ready. Say a little prayer for us that it will make Baby Drew better. It just breaks my heart to see him hurting so bad. :( Hopefully, less spit up and more sleep are in our future...

Here are some pictures from the week.

Drew is a champ when it comes to tummy time. He pulls his little head right up - he's so strong! After seeing all of the praise that Wade and I were giving when Drew demonstrated his new found head control, Clayton said, "When Drew is finished with his push ups, I want to show you mine." :)

Getting some love from Daddy...

Sleep is for the Weak

Smiling through the pain

A bonus pic of my firstborn - just because he's so darn cute!


Mrs. H said...

I can only pray that the medicine will sooth sweet Drew. Clayton's push up statement made me laugh.

Hannah said...

The medicine WILL help. I'm glad you broke down, sometimes it's hard knowing that the answer is likely drugs. I hate giving my kids drugs but this is for a good cause! Jacob was on reflux meds til he started walking and it made a huge difference in his mood ; )

Leah said...

Sarah, I am so glad you got an answer and an intervention. The med will help, and I bet he will eventually grow out of the reflux! Good job knowing what your little man needed. Hang in there! Call anytime if I can help!