Thursday, March 06, 2008

What a day...

Last night I watched the news and the weatherman said that the weather was supposed to get colder (I think they were predicting the temperature to be in the low 40's). I put on a sweater this morning, but got hot while I was running around the house. I changed into a long sleeved tee shirt and put Clayton in a long sleeved tee shirt as well. We left to run errands at 9:30 (with no coats, mind you). We got my oil changed first. I noticed that it felt cooler as we got back in the car. We then went to go get Clayton's hair cut. When we left, I was feeling good about getting so much done by 10:30. I figured that we would tackle Target (the last errand on my to do list).

When we got to Target it was sprinkling. No biggie... we just ran into the store. We shopped for an hour or so. I pushed our full shopping cart out of those automatic double doors, only to see that it was sleeting big chunks of ice. Oh my... what to do!

I push Clayton and our buggy full of stuff across the parking lot as we are both getting pelted with little chunks of ice. In a panic, I pushed the remote to unlock my car several times. Apparently, when you push the unlock button multiple times on the Honda Accord, all your windows roll down. What the heck! All my windows rolled down and sleet started blowing into my car. I tried as fast as I could to buckle Clayton into his seat. (The whole time he is yelling, "Mommy, snow is getting in your car!!!") I had propped my umbrella in between the car door and the frame of the car. As I was frantically buckling.... whoosh! My umbrella catapulted across the parking lot. As I run after my umbrella (leaving my car door open and Clayton half buckled), I realized that my shopping cart was flying in the other direction. I gathered my umbrella and the run away cart and loaded my trunk with our things. I got in the car and rolled the windows up. There was a layer of sleet in all the seats. Clayton looked at me and said, "We're having a bad day aren't we, Mommy?" I couldn't help but laugh (as the melting ice soaked through the seat of my jeans).

Side note: After a few minutes of sleet, it started snowing - real snow!!! It is so beautiful to watch!