Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We're No Longer Bringin' Sachse (pronounced sack-see) Back

Well... we're officially moved. It was a miserable process, of course. (Isn't every move miserable?) I have to say, however, that paying movers was definitely worth the money. They were really fast, and I didn't have to stomach the guilt that comes with having our sweet family help us. Wade's parents graciously offered to keep Clayton for the weekend, so that was a blessing. We got a lot done and he had much more fun than he would have moving. We are still unpacking boxes and I am planning the world's biggest garage sale. :) I have already checked, and there is enough room in the backyard to bury me here - I'm never moving again!

It is going to be really fun exploring a new place and decorating a "real" house. But, I am going to miss Sachse. The things that I will miss the most are...

1. First Baptist Church of Wylie - We never officially joined because we knew that we wouldn't be in the area for long, but FBC Wylie is the church that we regularly attended. The pastor was amazing! He made me laugh every Sunday - the man was hysterical. He also covered a lot of scripture with a perfect mix of application. If you live in the area, you should give it a try.

2. Our Friends - We had several friends that lived in the Wylie/Sachse area, and it was so fun to be near them. We got reacquainted with the Nichols' family (whom I adore). I also got to hang out with my friends Janna, Tiffany, and Hannah. Janna lived in our neighborhood and was a total lifesaver. She was always there when I was bored, lonely, or needed a pal. She made the adjustment much easier.

3. Clayton's School - Clayton LOVED his school. His teachers were super sweet and he learned so much. They even gave him a little stuffed puppy on the last day as a farewell gift. It is going to be tough not having that "break" that Mother's Day Out offered.

4. I loved that Sachse was close to everything (Firewheel Town Center, multiple Targets, Hobby Lobby, etc.) but it still felt like the country. These are a few of the sites that I passed everyday on the way to our neighborhood. It was fun for this city girl to live in "the sticks."

5. The Sachse library and Tiny Tots 'n Tunes - Storytime and our little music class were both fun activities for us to do during the week. We both really enjoyed those past times.

Although I will miss Sachse, I am sure that we will find our niche in our new town. I am anxious to get plugged in to a new church and explore activities that Clayton and I can do together.


Kati said...

Yay! I'm sure it was painful, but at least it's all over now!

Gran said...

I am so thankful for the movers. What a blessing to have them in place and for Marsha and Terry to be able to keep Clayton. We can't wait to see you for Clayton's #3.