Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clayton's Par-tay

We had Clayton's birthday party yesterday. It was really fun! We had tons of family and friends over for the event. Clayton (who is a total attention hog) was in his element! He jumped in the bounce house and ran around with all the kids. (It was probably a nice change of pace for him to have playmates other than his mother. :) ) He got so many wonderful gifts and a full summer wardrobe of clothes. He loved everything that he got. He has played with every single one of his new toys. He is in heaven! I am always amazed at how thoughtful everyone is. To think of all the time (and money) that people spent on my kiddo just makes me feel so grateful to have the family and friends that we do. Thank you so much to everyone for coming over and making Clayton's party great.

Bouncing with Colby and drinking fully leaded (not watered down) juice... greatness

Someone who shall remain nameless (okay, okay, it was me) filled the pinata too full and it broke when Wade tried to hang it. So... we had to adapt our plan.

Clayton loves playing his new "garmonica."

A new "real" train to add to his collection. What can I say, the boy LOVES his trains.

Clayton and his buddy, Walker.

Clayton figuring out the intercom feature on his new firetruck.

Sweet McKenna loved getting the first ride in the firetruck.

Tristen and Walker both got to take a turn, also.

Blowing out the candles.

Time to cut the cake! Clayton LOVES his new digital camera. He has taken pictures of everything! (He is his Mommy's boy!)


Jeff said...

Great pics... we had a fantastic time at the party. Thanks for inviting us.

Jeff and Becca