Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Baby is 3!

Today is Clayton's third birthday! I cannot believe that it has been three whole years since I saw his sweet little face for the first time. People always say that "time flies," but I never really grasped how true that is until I had Clayton.

We started our day by going in Clayton's room right after he woke up to sing Happy Birthday. Then we ate donut holes (Clayton's favorite - but a very rare treat). We stuck candles in the donuts and sang (again). Clayton was in hog heaven! Then we let Clayton open a couple of presents. He got a game for his Little Leaps game system. He also got a gigantic Diego. He has been begging for this Diego for months. Every time that we go to Walgreens he has to go and say "hi" to Diego. Well... today he got his very own. He was thrilled! (Kati - I feel a new guy coming on. he he he)

Clayton has gotten a few phone calls and even a birthday email today (Thanks Kindra!). He is loving all of the attention!

Eventually, I plan on making my blog posts into a book using this website. So, I am going to post some funny things about Clayton at this age. Hopefully, one day he will read this and will have a record of his life as a two-year-old turning 3. This could be a very long post, so feel free to stop reading now if your time is limited. :)

Funny things that you have said and done in the last few weeks:

* Whenever you sing Jesus Loves Me you sing, "For they are weekend, but he is strong."
* The other day we were playing outside. You told me that God made the trees. I said, "Yep, he sure did." You said, "I am absolutely right!"
* While playing your guitar, you said, "Rock on, Dude!"
* You woke up one morning and said, "I didn't see any monsters, Mommy! Jesus protected me!"
* You LOVE pajamas. Each morning when I try to get you dressed, you declare, "But, it's a pajama day!"
* You occasionally do naughty things (I know, I know - its hard to believe), but you always tell on yourself. For example, yesterday I was unloading the dishwasher. You came out of my bedroom and said, "I didn't do anything." By your guilty look, I knew that you had done something that you weren't supposed to do. I walked in my room to see Endust sprayed all over my dresser. You cried when I put you in time out. You looked at me with big crocodile tears and said, "but, Mommy, I am sooo sorry!"
* You love Diego, the Little Einsteins, Peter Pan, and Toy Story. I am guaranteed a few moments of quiet when one of those shows is on.
* Your favorite things to play are Memory (which you pronounce "membering") and astronauts. We play astronauts in your rocket that Corey & Leigh Ann got you for Christmas. We stay cramped up in there until I can't stand the claustrophobia any more. You refuse to let me exit the rocket until I tell you that I am going to throw up. You then abruptly announce, "Mommy, get out, get out! Don't puke in my rocket!"
* The other day I said, "Clayton, you are such a nut!" You then sang, "I'm a nut, in a rut, I'm crazy!"
* I was looking through old pictures the other day. You asked me about them. I told you that they were taken when I was in high school. You looked at me really confused and said, "You were in high school musical?" (The funny thing is that you have never seen high school musical. I still have no idea how you even know what that is...)
* You LOVE our dog. Every time that we come home, you run to her and squeal with glee, "Hey, Sydney girl!"
* Your favorite "guys" at the moment are Brownie (your little puppy) and your big Buzz Lightyear that Mr. Tony (Daddy's boss) gave you.
* You will do anything for a little sympathy. You make sad eyes and remind me of injuries that are months old. I then have to kiss the boo-boos and make them all better (even if they have been totally healed for weeks).
* You are a really loving little boy. You still love to snuggle and say, "Mommy/Daddy, I love you" totally unprompted several times a day.
* You learned to spell your name right after Christmas. Whenever you meet someone and they ask you what your name is, you say, "Clayton. C-L-A-Y-T-O-N."
* You are becoming a Mama's boy (which I love). You say, "I'm your baby and Daddy's buddy."
* You love noogies (sp?), group hugs, and when Daddy does "the Claw" and tickles you. Any of those things are a sure-fire way to make you giggle.
* You do this silly fake laugh sometimes. You squish up your face, laugh, and slap your thigh. It is a sure-fire way to make me giggle. :)
* You love working on "projects" with your tools. You always make sure to wear your stinky goggles, though (the word safety got lost in translation).
I could type a million more funny things that you do and say, but I will spare our readers from my endless gushing. Thanks, Clay-boy for making our days together so much fun. I love you! -Mommy


Albus Adventures said...

Can I play with Diego when we come this weekend, Clayton? He looks really cool! Happy birthday to my favorite 3 year old in the whole world! We love you!

Kati said...

awwwww.....Happy B'day Clayton! Glad to see that as you get another year older, your "guys" increase with ya! ;-)

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Happy Birthday, Clayton!!! Your funny stories make me laugh, but with parents like you have -- it's to be expected!!!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Clayton! Sarah, the little stories are great - what a fun thing to look back on in a few years! Can't wait to catch up! Love, Tiffany