Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Many Faces of Clayton

Here are some pictures that I took of Clayton yesterday. He is really into making faces and being silly. Anything for a laugh. What a nut!

We are trying to work on potty training. :( It is really trying my patience. He will do really good for a day or two and then do terrible the next. Maybe he just isn't ready...

Clayton has adjusted to our new surroundings very well. I think that Sydney (the dog) had more trouble than he did! She whined and cried and had trouble sleeping. Meanwhile, Clayton hasn't shed a tear and has slept like a rock.

We're off to the neighborhood pool. That is Clayton's reward for going "number 2" in the potty. :) Have a great day!

"Cheese" Face
Happy Face
Silly Face
Mean Face
Surprised Face (Check out those tonsils!)

PS Does anyone know how to make a collage (like they do at the picture places) out of these? I want a black background and some text and these 5 pics.


emily anna said...

If you go to shutterfly you can make a collage. You can also use the free google software, Picassa. I'm glad Clayton likes his new house!

Kelli Sanders said...

Jay and Ash know how to do awesome collages! Give them a call and he can give you some pointers :)

Albus Adventures said...

What a cutie?! I love the faces! We miss you! Love,
Jeffa nd Becca

Anonymous said...

How precious! I will ask my photographer friend about how to make the collage. I miss all of you so much. I hope you have a good night at work tonight.
I love you.