Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Babies, babies, everywhere!

We have been around several babies in the last week or so. They are all so sweet and cuddly! It gave me a touch of baby fever. That is until their mommies start talking about how exhausted they are. :) Clayton did pretty well with all of the little ones. He wanted to hold them and talked "baby talk" to them. (Thanks to all of the new mommies for entrusting their babies in the arms of my crazy 2 year old!) Here are some pictures of Clayton cuddling with Baby Reagan, Baby Collin, and Baby Ethan.


Albus Adventures said...

SO sweet! Clayton looks like he would make a great big brother! Hint, hint! ;)

Gran said...

Such a sweet boy. He will be a wonderful big brother. Of course, all of the babies look adorable. Thank you for your blog. It is so special to hear of the days with the Carpenters.